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A long overdue hi!

Hey O-chan!!!! I'm glad to see you haven't given up posting your adventures. My computer's hard drive died AGAIN so I was without it for two weeks and it's been a slow process of getting everything back and remembering/changing passwords... because who remembers anything when there's firefox? lol Love the expression of "stupid birds fly first"... kind of the opposite of "the early bird gets the worm". Perhaps they were watching penguins when they made that up.

Re: A long overdue hi!

Meg-meg-sama! It's good to hear from you. Sorry you've been dealing with computer troubles. And it's more like saying that stupid birds have to start flying first so that the whole flock arrives at the destination at the same time lol. My teacher told me that a lot fo hard working students who study really hard will say this to explain their study habits.

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