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100th Day
Today I have officially been here for 100 days. To say that homesickness is kicking my ass is an understatment of epic proportions. Even though I passed the "Longest I've Been Away From Home" milestone by the end of the first month, this just seems so much deeper and more heartrending. 100 days of living and existing in a place that most people will never have a chance to see. It's rather awe-inspiring really. I am only one of a handful of foreigners living in Guiyang and I've made it out pretty well. Only one trip to the hospital so far. Only one bout of violent vomiting. It's good that I lost track of how many times I've been to the Supermarket right?

To mark the occasion, it has been raining hard nearly all day (except for when I was in class; it always seems to stop before I go outside) in quick hard bursts. It'll stop for five minutes and then start up again harder than before. I just keep thinking of Men In Black II when Lauren says, "A lot of people are sad when it rains." And Kay says, "No. It rains because you're sad." Sometimes, when I'm feeling particularly egotistical, I like to think that it rains because I'm sad. LOL. As if. If I had control of the weather, today would be beautiful and I could go to the park and stuff. Actually DO something instead of sitting in my dorm for class not wanting to go out because of the rain.

MOM AND DAD. I have a special idiom for you guys. It's how I'm assuming you feel all the time about the whole thing. 鞭长莫及 (bian chang mo ji). To be too far away to help. Love you guys!

Everyone have a happy Thursday, for me!


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D'awww, I'm sorry that I'm so bad about responding to your posts. Then again, I was just at home/east lansing/san fransico over the last month and really haven't been on my computer much.

And in regards to your statement about it raining when someone's sad, you should read Beautiful Creatures. The books are good the movie was FAIL. I think you'd enjoy it. No vampires in it, I promise. :)

I already have it on my kindle, just a matter of working through the rest of my books to get to it :P Thanks Meg!

Much love and I hope to see you soon!

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